camp evolution half term residential camp

Residential Camp in Cheshire

Our half-term residential camp runs from 22-25 October in Cheshire (four-days / three-nights). We've so many activities lined up. It's fun, games and personal development all the way.

Programme highlights

  • Finance for Tomorrow Programme
    Understanding the origins and role of money, the cost of running a household, budgeting, and relationships with money. Challenges include team money management and entrepreneurship
  • Creating a vision and setting goals
    Creating a personal vision for the next ten years, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting meaningful and achievable goals. Learning about change, why we sometimes need change and how to implement changes for the better
  • Personal development
    Children will learn effective communication techniques, including listening to others and the art of questioning. We delve into critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Additional activities
    Educational and cultural visits, science, technology and creativity themed sessions both on and off-site, social and essential life skills. Hallowe'en camp-fire and music.

What's included

  • A four-day residential package includes on-site accommodation, all meals and activities, personalised learning journal, t-shirt and gym bag.
  • 30% sibling and friend discount
  • Free collection service from London, Manchester and Birmingham (22nd and 25th October)
  • If your child is unable to stay for the full camp duration we offer single day packages (overnight stay, at no extra cost).

Reserve a place for your child today!

Financial Awareness Workshop in Cheshire

We're running a full-day Financial Awareness Workshop for 9-14-year-olds. Our workshop begins at 9.30 but children are welcome to arrive earlier for breakfast. Children will be invited to stay for the evening meal and should be collected by 9pm.

Through a variety of exercises, discussions, team activities, in-the-field challenges and quizzes, we provide children with a solid understanding of money, setting the foundations upon which they can form a healthy relationship with money.

We cover areas including

  • ways to earn, manage, grow and save money.
  • collaborative exercises include estimating household expenses,
  • exploring relationships with mone,
  • how to achieve financial well-being,
  • teen entrepreneurs and some of the characteristics they display (independent thinking, self-confidence, resourcefulness, determination, vision, focus ...)
  • In the field challenges will involve managing a sum of money with team members in the most economical way.  This practical challenge introduces children to the real world temptations, limitations and choices.

Tickets cost just £40 and are on sale now.  We offer a 30% discount on additional tickets.

Give your children the opportunity to learn the skills and techniqies they need to form a health relationship with money!.