Summer Camp Residentials

Treat your child to five days of fun, games and personal development at Terra Nova School in Cheshire. Our residential camps focus on equipping children with a holistic understanding of themselves and others, as they start to make decisions about their future.

Strengthening skills
We develop the soft skills and competencies needed to succeed in an ever-changing and fast-paced world, where advances in technology are changing not only the way we work but how we interact with others.

Boosting self-confidence
Our personal development activities help to build children's self-confidence, fuelling their motivation to succeed in life. We nurture children and help them to appreciate their strengths while working with them to overcome any weaknesses.

Fostering a great learning atmosphere
The most important thing is that everyone has fun, shares their talents, learns lots, makes new friends and leaves feeling on top of the world. We encourage a welcoming, friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

Core Activities

  • Team and individual challenges
    Support children in learning the importance of leadership and collaboration, self-discipline, working both independently and collaboratively, learning to listen, when to negotiate, when to compromise and when to stand firm.
  • Financial Awareness
    Increasing children’s understanding of the origins of money; the role money plays in everyone’s lives, the cost of running a household, the importance of budgeting, how money grows and ways to improve their relationships with money.
  • Creating a Vision
    Enabling children to explore what is important to them, what they would like to achieve, what abilities they possess and what additional actions or resources they may need to realise their dreams. Defining goals to enable children to measure their progress.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
    A critical resource, enabling children to articulate their ideas clearly and give them an edge when working with others. We coach children gathering facts, evaluating, make independent judgments and considering alternative solutions, promoting not only open-mindedness but a genuine ability to make the right choices.
  • Social Skills
    Understanding the verbal and non-verbal rules that shape the way people form and manage personal, academic and professional relationships. Our sessions cover presentation skills, influencing skills, ways to adapt behaviour for more positive outcomes and learning to engage with others.
  • Educational and Cultural Trips
    Increasing young people’s experiences with the fascinating aspects of the local community, places of interest, historical sites, museums/discovery centres. We aim to open children’s minds and increase their curiosity and awareness of the world around us.
  • Science, Technology & Creativity
    Sessions dedicated to discovery, innovation and inventiveness. Children have the opportunity to learn about what is going on in the world, where developments are happening and then relating these to what they are learning about both at school and at home.


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Financial Awareness Afternoon Workshops

Our financial awareness afternoon workshops cover areas including ways to earn, manage, grow and save money. We explore people's relationships with money and look at how different relationships with money can impact on our financial and emotional well-being,

Through a variety of exercises, discussions, team activities, in-the-field challenges and quizzes, we provide children with a solid understanding of money, setting the foundations upon which they can form good money habits and healthy relationships with money to last them a lifetime.

Our financial awareness workshops are perfect for children between the ages of 9 and 14. We know that children participate more actively in smaller groups and as a result remember what they have learned which is why we choose to keep our workshops small.

Dates & Locations

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