Team & Individual Challenges

Learning to take on different roles at different times

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The ability to work well as a team involves interacting and communicating with others, understanding goals and priorities, and being able to contribute to a shared purpose. 

No matter what aspect of life we look at, it is crucial that we be able to take on different roles at different times. Sometimes we have to be a team player, other times a leader and sometimes are expected to work well on our own. We include team and individual challenges in our programmes to support the children in learning the importance of leadership and collaboration, self-discipline, working both independently and collaboratively, learning to listen, when to negotiate, when to compromise and when to stand firm.

Participating in team challenges helps children to develop a greater sense of social competency as they learn to listen, interpret and respond to their peers' needs. Team challenges also build negotiation techniques helping children to satisfy their own needs, as well as those of other team members. 

Children also learn to reflect on their individual experience versus the experience of the team. Individual Challenges

Setting children individual challenges helps them to learn a great deal about themselves. For example, how they like to work. Some children enjoy working independently while others prefer a more structured environment. Individual challenges also help children to learn whether they work well at their own pace or work better when encouraged by others. Self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-regulation are key capabilities all children should acquire.





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From 4-11 August at the prestigious Lancaster Royal Grammar school, in Lancaster (Lancashire County)

Lancaster Royal Grammar School provides state-of-the-art facilities, with a choice of a dormitory and single en-suite rooms. Situated in the historic city of Lancaster, LRGS is close to the Lake District and Morecambe Bay and within easy reach of the M6 motorway. The main building's foundation stone was laid in 1851 by Rt Revd James Prince Lee, the Bishop of Manchester and Queen Victoria granted the title "Royal" in the same year.



From 11-18 August at Woodhouse Grove School in Apperley Bridge (West Yorkshire County)

Located in a 70-acre rural site, Woodhouse Grove School is surrounded by woods in Yorkshire's Aire Valley. With endless fields, tennis courts, a theatre, seminar rooms, a large sports hall and a super indoor pool, children have a multitude of ways to have fun. The school offers well-appointed shared bedrooms (two to four beds) and relaxing common rooms equipped with TV and DVD.



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Team and Individual Challenges