Social Skills

Forming meaningful connections

Why social skills count

To succeed in tomorrow’s world our children need to possess the right skills to navigate through a constantly changing and technology-rich world with success. Having good social skills enables children to interact with interesting people and help them to make a good impression. 

Social rules

Social rules govern the way relationships are formed, transmitted, and changed in verbal and non-verbal ways. Socialising can be daunting for some children.  Social skills also help children to negotiate with others in any conflictual situation. Being able to demonstrate positive social skills includes showing confidence in ourselves, being considerate to strangers, offering to help others and treating others with respect. Being at ease with others and knowing how to behave in company, enables children to further their goals, for instance when seeking work experience.

Creating a good first impression

We firmly believe that children blossom when they feel confident in social situations.  We were very fortunate to welcome Diana Mather from The English Manner, to our October 2017 half-term camp in Cheshire. Diana is an expert in the field of etiquette. Diana talked to children about the importance of making a good first impression. Children learned appropriate handshaking, the importance of tone when speaking, how to sit and have good poise (yes we even walked around with books on our heads). Diana helped to strengthen children's understanding of the importance of good social skills.

Social skills are key to children's futures

As children mature into young adults, the social skills they need become more complicated than when they were younger. For example, when faced with growing peer pressure or becoming involved in group activities outside the home. Today, more than ever, children need to be able to form meaningful connections with others. 

How we help

During our residential camps we help children to learn the fundamental social skills. Understanding how to interact with others appropriately and with ease is key to children's futures.


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Social Skills for children
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