Our Philosophy

We founded Camp Evolution with one thing in mind, helping children evolve during school holidays and we are all about creating experiences that support children in developing the soft skills they need for a brighter future.

Our mission

To support children in growing and evolving by engaging and empowering them, taking their skills to the next level, ready for the future.

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Providing the right activities

We wanted to address some of challenges we have faced in the past - finding the right kind of holiday activities for pre-and early teens. We wanted to be able to provide developmental activities, perfectly aligned with children’s maturity levels. We felt there was a huge need for support in helping this age group start to address their personal development needs and improving their soft skills in readiness for the future.

Making a real change

As more children become reliant on their mobile devices and virtual communities, children becoming less sociable and less able to think objectively. Through sessions such as critical thinking and social skills we help children to gain experience in presenting well and being comfortable in various social and professional situations. We also guide them on the best ways to make informed choices.

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What we do

Our residential camps and workshops focus on key pre-and early teen developmental areas. We equip children with a holistic understanding of themselves and others, as they start to make decisions about their future.

Strengthen skills

We develop the soft skills and competencies needed to succeed in an ever-changing and fast-paced world, where advances in technology are changing not only the way we work but how we interact with others.

Boost self-confidence

Our personal development activities help to build children's self-confidence, fuelling their motivation to succeed in life. We nurture children and help them to appreciate their strengths while working with them to overcome any weaknesses.

Provide a great learning atmosphere

The most important thing is that everyone has fun, shares their talents, learns lots, makes new friends and leaves feeling on top of the world. We encourage a welcoming, friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

Our core activities

Team and individual challenges

No matter what aspect of life we look at, it is crucial that we be able to take on different roles at different times. Sometimes we have to be a team player, other times a leader and sometimes are expected to work well on our own. We include team and individual challenges in our programmes to support the children in learning the importance of leadership and collaboration, self-discipline, working both independently and collaboratively, learning to listen, when to negotiate, when to compromise and when to stand firm. Learn more

Financial Awareness

With a better understanding of money, children can form healthy money habits to last them a lifetime. Many adults have shared with us that they wish they had understood their money habits from a young age and we have taken this feedback on board! We run sessions to support children’s understanding of the origins of money; the role money plays in everyone’s lives, the cost of running a household, the importance of budgeting, how money grows and ways to improve their relationships with money. Learn more

Creating a vision

You are never too young to start to think about what you want out of life! Our sessions enable children to explore what is important to them, what they would like to achieve, what abilities they possess and what additional actions or resources they may need to realise their dreams. Developing a vision and defining goals enables children to measure their progress. Learn more

Critical thinking and Problem-solving

In today’s digital world full of social media channels and information overload, it is getting harder to develop the ability to think logically and objectively. We believe that critical thinking is a core skill that every child should continue to grow as a critical resource for being able to articulate their ideas clearly and give them an edge when working with others. We run exercises that teach the children how to gather facts, evaluate, make independent judgments and consider alternative solutions, promoting not only open-mindedness but a genuine ability to make the right choices. Learn more

Social ease in a digital world

Understanding the verbal and non-verbal rules that shape the way people form and manage personal, academic and professional relationships. In other words, children hone their soft skills to facilitate whatever they do in their lives. Our sessions cover presentation skills, influencing skills, ways to adapt behaviour for more positive outcomes and learning to engage with others. Learn more

Educational & cultural trips

We are all global citizens and the world has now become one village. So to increase young people’s exposure to the fascinating aspects of the local community, we organise visits to places of interest, such as historical sites, museums or discovery centres. We aim to open their minds and increase their curiosity and awareness of the world around us. Learn more

Science, Technology & Creativity

As we surf the wave of this fourth digital revolution, we want to get children interested in the areas that will dominate the future. We run sessions dedicated to discovery, innovation and inventiveness. Children have the opportunity to learn about what is going on in the world, where developments are happening and relate this to what they are learning both at school and at home. Learn more


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Each camp or one–day workshop is priced dependent on the holiday season. However, we are always happy to talk with you about our various pricing options.

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