Camp Evolution was founded with one thing in mind, helping children evolve during their school holidays. We are all about having fun and taking the time to focus on learning more about oneself in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our promise

We promise to keep the atmosphere fun, make everyone feel at home, provide a safe environment for children in which they can flourish, support parents in developing their children and to listen to the needs of everyone. 

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Finding the Right Activities

Decided to address the challenges that they had faced in their many years as educators. One particular challenge was finding the right kind of holiday activities for young people aged between 9 – 14; activities that would align with children's maturity levels and provide them with valuable support during their early secondary school years. We felt there was a huge need for support in helping this age group start to address their personal development and improving their soft skills in readiness for the future.



Where we want to make a real change

As more children are becoming reliant on their home computers and using virtual communities, there is a marked trend towards children becoming less sociable and being less able to think objectively. This is something that we want to change.  Our residential camp and workshops compliment school curricul by building and strengthening the additional skills that improve employability and demonstrate to children that they are the key to their own success.


All our activities give children an opportunity to develop their inner confidence, communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving capabilities and critical thinking skills and it is our goal that each child goes home knowing he/she has learned lots of new things, made new friends and feels renewed motivation for the future.



Our mission

Our aim is to support children in growing and evolving by engaging and empowering them, taking their skills to the next level, ready for the future.

Developing the right skills

We are living in an ever changing fast paced world, and young people need to develop the right skills that will help them adapt easily to the advances in technology, changes in employment stability and evolving financial challenges. We will equip children with a holistic understanding of themselves, as they start to make decisions about their future. Our activities and workshops aim to promote self-awareness, creativity and innovative skills, confidence boosting, leadership and critical thinking techniques. We believe these are the key skills young people should enhance to increase their chances of success, whatever future choices they make.

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