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Fun and exciting residential camps for 9-14-year-olds!  Camp Evolution offers a fabulous range of activities, trips & fun; all focused on personal development.  A great experience set in idyllic venues.

Our camps offer young people a chance to focus and thrive while making great friends and gaining special skills that will last them a lifetime! We are all about creating experiences that help to develop and nurture children. We aim to support young people in developing the skills they need for tomorrow. Each activity develops inner confidence, communication and leadership skills, problem-solving and fundamental thinking skills.

There are always many activities in-store, such as, day trips to nearby cities, sports, pool games, creative thinking hackathons, cooking sessions, and workshops.

The most important thing is for everyone to have fun, share their talents and learn lots of new things.

Find out more about our next four-day residential camps and one-day workshops.