Summer Camps UK Camp Evolution 2018 1-2
Fun, games and personal development!
Find out more about our summer camps in London and Yorkshire.


Next summer, why not invest in your child’s future with Camp Evolution’s Summer Success Camps for 9-14-year-olds. We offer unique holiday experiences, blending fun, games and personal development in a supportive environment, where everyone feels at home.


Summer Camp 2019 | Camp Evolution Ltd

Strengthening skills & boosting confidence

We focus on building and strengthening the skills children need to succeed in life. We keep our residential camps purposely small-scale so children can enjoy being part of a close-knit group, learning new skills, making new friends, sharing talents and gaining in self-confidence.

Our personal development activities include effective communication, essential thinking skills, creating a personal vision (setting goals and objectives), forming good money habits, social skills, and how to develop great first impressions. We also explore the changing world of work and the next generation careers, showcasing the enormous opportunities opening up to today's young people.

We organise plenty of trips out to places of interest to spark children’s curiosity such as discovery centres and museums. Evening activities include campfires, team and individual challenges, theatre and cinema.

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