At Camp Evolution, we are all about giving children a mix of education, fun, and self-boosting activities. There’s so much to learn and make relatable to everyday life and the future.

Camp Evolution residential camps are designed to build and strengthen the soft skills that truly improve employability prospects later in life but rapidly help children to navigate their teenage years with more confidence and awareness, demonstrating to them that they truly are the key to their own success.

Residential camp activities give children an opportunity to develop their inner confidence, communication techniques and introduce them to leadership and collaboration techniques. Further workshops concentrate on critical thinking and problem-solving.  Camp Evolution’s aim is for each child to finish camp knowing he/she has learned lots of new things, made new friends and feels fresh motivation for the future.

Spotlight on activities


The ‘Creating a Personal Vision’ workshop enables children to consider their future and define their goals, helping them to keep moving in the right direction to achieve their dreams.

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Challenges help children to appreciate the importance of collaboration and self-discipline when working independently.

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Greater independence leads to better living and work opportunities, so the more life-skills teens develop, the better their future will be.

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Visiting places of interest such as museums or discovery centres opens the door for children’s curiosity. The visits we choose include references to history which has made an impact in some form or another on our lives today but also on the future of our great nation.

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Camp Evolution help children to develop their critical thinking skills. Key thinking helps children to make independent judgments by evaluating information, keeping an open-mind and considering alternative solutions.

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Our venues of choice


Camp Evolution’s venue of choice in Cheshire is Terra Nova School; an idyllic 36-acre venue, located right in the heart of rural Cheshire.  Terra Nova School is easily accessible by car, train and bus and just a stone’s throw from Jodrell Bank and its famous Lovell Telescope. Children can enjoy spectacular views of Cheshire with space to breathe and to discover the joys of Terra Nova’s indoor and outdoor activities.

On-site amenities include sports fields and grounds, floodlit astroturf, heated indoor swimming pool, tennis and netball courts, rugby and football pitches, cricket field, obstacle course, games room and The Jodrell Room meeting facility.


Lambourne End provides the perfect location for children to enjoy the countryside. Nestled in 54 acres of countryside near to Epping Forest Lambourne End Centre provides purpose-built accommodation in its Forest Lodge. All bedrooms have ensuite toilets and showers and can sleep up to six people per room. The centre provides ideal training facilities thanks to its Smart and Simple Barns. Both barns have kitchens which are suitable for our catering needs.

Lambourne End runs a low-intensity farm where the resident team grow delicious vegetables. Free-range farm animals include cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, goats, and rabbits. There are ponies too. Children love to visit the animals. We do too!

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