Basic first aid

Teaching kids first aid is such an important life skill. Not only can it save lives, it can also help to build confidence, communication skills, and help children to learn to work as a team. First aid also teaches children about leadership and the importance of listening and asking questions. Isn't that a great thing to learn during the holidays?  


Food is an indispensable part of our lives. Knowing how to prepare and cook is one of the fundamental life skills teenagers need. One of the important skills is to be able to recognise the various ingredients of basic dishes and knowing where they can be sourced.

Using straightforward kitchen appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher and toaster is also important. Being able to prepare a healthy meal with what is in the fridge is also good. Storing and preserving food in the right way is also important. Children need to know where and how to store food and drink (fresh produce, packaged food, and liquids). Being able to read and understand food labels, identifying nutritional values and basic ingredient information.

Personal hygiene and grooming

Grooming and hygiene are skills that children should learn from an early age. Good grooming is central to staying healthy and to having and maintaining a good social life. Cleanliness can take a back seat during adolescence, so it is essential that children understand the importance of keeping their bodies and hair clean.

Home management

Cleanliness is one of the basic rules of hygiene, but all too often teens can neglect to keep their surroundings clean and tidy; especially their rooms. We explore cleanliness at home including dusting and vacuuming, keeping the bathroom and toilet clean, maintaining a clean kitchen. Disposing of rubbish and understanding the dustbin and recycling policies in their area. We mentioned dishwashers earlier but knowing how to clean dishes by hand is perhaps even more important. Washing-up helps teens to keep on top of the plates, glasses and mugs as they use them. Keeping sponges and dishcloths as germ free as possible is a must. Some basic rules apply here including using a separate cloth or preferably a disposable paper towel to mop up any spills on the floor.

Personal Healthcare

Among the critical things that teens should learn, as part of taking care of themselves, is to take care of their health. Important points to remember here are: Knowledge of personal health and over-the-counter medications that can come in handy. Knowing when to go to the doctor. Taking proper care of self, through proper diet and environment, in the case of illnesses like common colds, fever or the flu. Handle medical emergencies, like calling 999.


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