Summer Success Camps 2020


3-10 August

10-17 August

Boost your children’s prospects in just seven-days with Camp Evolution’s summer success camps. It is fun, games and personal development all the way! Camp Evolution helps children and young adults evolve during their school holidays.

One of the challenges that many parents face is finding the right kind of holiday activities for their children between the ages of 9 and 17. This is where Camp Evolution stands out from the residential camp crowd.

With a comprehensive range of personal development activities aligned to children’s maturity levels, Camp Evolution provides a robust framework and coaching to support children through their secondary school years in preparation for later life.

Camp Evolution’s summer success camps run from 3-10 August and from 10-17 August 2020. Choose between week one or week two, book both or, if your children are travelling from overseas, we are happy to make arrangements on the days that best suit you.

During our summer success camps,  children to learn more about themselves, and others, in a friendly and supportive environment. We’ve designed our activities to give children a genuine opportunity to develop their inner confidence and strengthen the essential soft skills. As children start to make decisions about their future, our workshops will stand them in excellent stead.

Our workshops promote self-awareness, creativity, innovation, leadership and collaboration, critical thinking, social ease and financial awareness; all essential skills that boost young people’s prospects, whatever life path they may choose.



Programme Highlights

Team and individual challenges – Learning the importance of leadership and collaboration, self-discipline, working independently and collaboratively and learning to listen.

Finance for Tomorrow Programme – Understanding the origins and role of money, the cost of running a household, budgeting, and relationships with money. Team challenges include on and off-site money management and entrepreneurship.

Creating a personal vision – Children explore what is important to them, what they would like to achieve, what abilities they possess (strengths and weaknesses) and what additional actions or resources they need to realise their vision. Children then set their goals or key steps, which help them to maintain focus and motivation while measuring progress.

Critical thinking and problem solving – Encouraging children to raise their curiosity and question information or assumptions (rather than accepting at face value). Children learn the techniques necessary to make independent judgments and consider alternative solutions through knowledge gathering, evaluation, analysis and consideration, promoting not only open-mindedness but a genuine ability to make the right choices.