There is so much to see and do all over the UK

Educational and cultural trips provide children with a rich and visual source of learning. Whether focused on history, ancient civilisations, science, art or people, museums, historical sites and discovery centres can captivate children.

We are keen to engage children outside the classroom by showcasing the beautiful towns, museums and discovery centres. We always research our field trips thoroughly, helping to open children's eyes to the contributions each region has made to the country (past, present and future).

Multi-media installations and interactive stations stimulate curiosity and actively engage children (and adults) helping to make visits truly a holistic learning experience

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Where we've visited

Previous trips have included visits to the medieval colleges of Cambridge, the Slavery Museum in Liverpool, the Catalyst discovery centre in Widnes, the Jodrell Bank Discovery centre, the Royal Theatre Stratford East and the National Maritime Museum in Liverpool.

We publish a complete programme of educational and cultural trips before each residential camp. 

educational trips camp evolution
Educational and Cultural Visits
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