Thinking skills

Critical thinking

Decision making and problem solving

In their pre-and early teen years, children start to be confronted with some of the complexities of life, and it is important that children are equipped to be able to negotiate these difficulties. As children move towards adulthood and independence, they need to be able to make informed choices and decisions and to have the ability to solve problems.

During adolescence children transition in many ways including how they receive information. In early childhood, children tend to accept information at face value, rarely questioning accuracy or authenticity but as they mature they need to be able to challenge ideas and assumptions (think of ‘fake news’ as an example).

Exercising critical thinking helps children to untangle right from wrong, true from the false and so on and so forth.

As more and more information is shared digitally no one should take everything they read, hear or see at face value – no matter how reliable the source is believed to be. Children are increasingly likely to encounter fake news and so they must be equipped with the skills to help them tell fact from fiction. Further reading

Complexities of life

How we help

We help children to adopt the techniques associated with critical thinking such as

  • observation 
  • reflection and
  • evaluation

while impressing upon them the importance of gathering information from several sources (knowledge) as a vital foundation upon which they can begin to exercise the techniques of critical thinking.

Throughout our lives, we are all called upon to think critically whether at personal, academic or professional levels, so the sooner children learn the art of critical thinking the better they will be equipped to manage the complexities of life.

Ask your child to take The Literary Trust's Fake News Survey to find out how well your child can separate fast from fictional news stories.  Further reading


Summer Season 2019

Our residential summer camps focus on key pre-and early teen developmental areas, equipping children with a holistic understanding of themselves and others, as they start to make decisions about their future.

We've added two additional days to our summer camps (now running from Sunday to Sunday).  More sessions, more trips, more fun and more learning plus our weekend starts me it's much easier for you too.


From effective communication through to critical thinking and informed decision making, children will learn the valuable techniques applied by the most successful people in all walks of life.


Our activities are designed to boost children's self-confidence, fuelling their motivation to succeed in life. We work with children to help them identify and appreciate their strengths and unique talents. We also coach children on how to overcome any weaknesses, so they can become more confident young adults.

Take a look at some of our activities where children go beyond their comfort zones. When children surpass their perceived limitations that's where the real magic happens.


The most important thing is that everyone has fun, shares their talents, learns lots, makes new friends has a great time and leaves camp feeling on top of the world, which is why we keep our camps small, so we can foster a truly welcoming environment where everyone feels at home and part of one great team.


Reservations are now open for both our Lancaster and West Yorkshire camps.
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