Creating a personal vision

The "why"

As children mature into young adults, it is important that they think about their future; what is important to them, what they would like to achieve, what abilities children possess and what additional actions or resources they may need to achieve their vision.

Our Creating a Personal Vision workshop enables children to consider the above questions. Children will create a visual interpretation of their vision which they can take home as a reminder of their vision.

Having a personal vision helps children to keep moving in the right direction to achieve their dreams.

Setting goals

The "How"

To fulfil a personal vision, children will need to set themselves goals. These are the key steps along the way. Goal setting helps children to maintain their focus and keep their motivation. 

We like the SMART method by G T Doran which stands for:

  • SPECIFIC – the goal should be clear
  • MEASURABLE – quantifiable in some way
  • ACHIEVABLE – within your child's reach but not overly easy to achieve
  • RELEVANT – something that your child wants and is motivated to achieve
  • TIME-TARGETED – a reasonable deadline

As children progress through their goals, they feel proud,capable, and empowered and this is a great boost to their self-confidence.


Bookings are open for our half-term residential camp in Cheshire from 22-15 October.
Creating a personal vision
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