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During our Next Generation Careers workshops (part of our summer camps), we showcase new roles and changing attitudes to work and life.

Careers Choice

One of the most critical decisions adolescents will make during their secondary school years is, without a doubt, their choice of career which is why children need to explore the many new career paths available to them.

There have been, and there will continue to be, a whole new generation of careers; jobs that we would never have believed could exist in our younger years. The world of work is changing in a big way, in large part due to the enormous advances in technology, but also as a result of younger people's expectations from work and life.

By opening children's eyes to the next generation of careers, we help children to understand the opportunities available to them as they start to make choices about their future.

New Careers

50 years ago

If we go back to the professions of the 1970s many men held managerial positions across all sectors. There were many factory workers and foremen, supervisors, sales reps and mechanics. Many women held secretarial roles, worked as school teachers, bookkeepers, cashiers or sales assistants, not forgetting waitressing and nursing roles. Back then there was a marked divide between the roles held by men and women.

Little over a decade later in 1986, DNA was first used in a criminal investigation which led to many new roles in forensic science and criminal investigations.

The concept of sustainability was only really known only by ecologists and environmental economists. Sustainability centred around the protection of natural resources and the environment with the aim of preserving them for future generations. Since then, sustainability has expanded to cover economic and political areas, and as a result, we’ve witnessed the creation many new roles within large organisations tasked with reducing waste and pollution processes. Other areas include organisations contribution to social and educational programmes.

Ten years ago

With the phenomenal advances in technology, just a decade ago, we began to see the emergence of experts in artificial intelligence (machine learning). We saw the first mentions of IoT or the internet of things roles. Cyber-security roles became more mainstream and with the launch of Facebook so the world of social media and all such related jobs in including social media managers, content creators, digital marketers.


Today, there's an app for almost everything

Who can forget the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, leading to the birth of App Developer roles and where wouod we be today without all the organisations borne from Apps such as Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo and more. Apps have changed the way we live or lives. So, it's clear to us that children need to understand the enormous diversification in career opportunities and be ready to rethink once traditional career paths in order to fully prepare for their future.

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