Camp Evolution UK Self confidence

Confidence boosting

Confidence boosting Our personal development activities help to build children's confidence in themselves, fuelling their motivation to succeed in life. We nurture children and help them to appreciate their strengths while working with them to overcome any weaknesses Helping everyone feel good about themselves Children who are socially withdrawn, shy,

Life Skills Camp Evolution

Essential Life Skills | Camp Evolution Residential Camps & Workshops

Basic first aid Teaching kids first aid is such an important life skill. Not only can it save lives, it can also help to build confidence, communication skills, and help children to learn to work as a team. First aid also teaches children about leadership and the importance of listening

Camp Evolution UK Science, Technology and Creativity

Science, Technology, Arts & Creativity

We have partnered with several individuals and organisations to offer enriching experiences to children.   Choosing your path in life at such an early age is not just daunting, it is probably the single most important decision any child will make at this stage in life.  We want to be able

Camp Evolution UK Creating a Vision

Creating a vision

Creating a personal vision You are never too young to start to think about what you would like to achieve in life. Thinking about the future is something all children should be encouraged to do. Our Creating a personal vision workshops encourages children to explore, through creativity, what is important

Camp Evolution UK Educational and Cultural Visits

Educational and Cultural Visits

There is so much to see and do all over the UK Educational and cultural trips provide children with a rich and visual source of learning. Whether focused on history, ancient civilisations, science, art or people, museums, historical sites and discovery centres can captivate children.   We are keen to