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Boredom and how to beat it


Boredom — What you need to know and how you can beat it

It’s that one sentence that gets so many parents either annoyed or scratching their heads as they desperately try to find things for their kids to do. “I’m bored!”

What is boredom?

Boredom is an emotional state and can be common among young people; often characterised by feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation or disinterest at best it’s unpleasant at worse it can negatively impact on mental health or lead to behavioural problems.

What does boredom mean?

Boredom can mean different things to different children at different times. Sometimes children crave direction, expecting their parents to come up with something exciting. Sometimes it’s a child’s way of asking for attention though this tends to be the case in younger children. Other times, boredom can be used as an excuse and tells parents that their child doesn’t want to engage in whatever happening at that moment.

Camp Evolution Kids not Bored

Why boredom shouldn’t be ignored

There’s quite an intricate connection between boredom and leisure-time, which is why parents shouldn’t brush it off lightly. During the summer months, once the initial excitement has worn off and perhaps the family holiday has been and gone, boredom can become problematic. As children enter adolescence boredom can lead some adolescents’ to experiment with risk-taking behaviour, seek excitement in the forbidden. 

As a study from researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy put it …

“Nothing good happens when teenagers get bored”

Boredom and mental health

Children often prone to boredom tend to have and engage, less in hobbies and activities such as sport, often withdrawing from social interaction with peers, instead favouring screen time (social media, chatrooms, online gaming and so on).

Beat the summer boredom blues

A week with us will do wonders for your child. It’s a chance to change the scene, meet new friends and experience a degree of independence, all in a safe and supportive environment.

We take children gently outside their comfort zone, challenge their thinking and boost both their self-confidence and motivation to succeed in life.


Children love our unique mix of learning and development sessions with plenty of outdoor and offsite activities (it’s the summer holidays after all), and we pride ourselves on our ‘home-from-home’ atmosphere where everyone feels part of one great team.

We’re not one of the big numbers residential camp where children can sometimes feel overwhelmed or lost in the crowd. We keep our numbers small so we provide just the right environment, especially for children who may be more on the shy-side. 

We’ve been rated five stars on Google, and many children return to our residential camps which is a true testimony to our success in achieving our mission:

To support children in growing and evolving by engaging and empowering them, taking their skills to the next level, ready for the future.

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