Why Anti-Bullying awareness matters

Anti-Bullying awareness matters because all children have an absolute right to feel safe and protected from bullying and harassment. 

Bullying can take so many forms including name-calling, verbal intimidation, social exclusion, ridicule; humiliation, extortion, physical violence, sexual, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racial, cultural harassment; cyberbullying, disability or SEN-based.

Bullying is a subjective experience and each child's response to bullying is unique. This is why it is difficult to describe bullying comprehensively. Bullying, in whatever form, can cause children psychological, emotional and physical stress.


Why do children bully others?

Some children may bully others because they think it is fun, or because they think that it makes them appear popular or cool in front of others. Some children may feel more powerful or influential when they bully someone else. Children who want to get their way all the time can bully others to achieve this. Some bullies may feel insecure or lack confidence in themselves. Some children may bully to try and fit in with a group. Children may be fearful of other children's differences and bully them because of this. If a child is jealous of another child, he or she may bully that child. Unhappy children can bully others. Sometimes children bully because they have been bullied or because they want to copy other bullies. We can only truly work to stop bullying by understanding all angles. 

How we raise awareness

A number of strategies can be used to prevent, reduce and raise awareness of bullying. For example, at Camp Evolution's residential camps, we ask all our children to read and sign our Junior code of conduct (which requires all children to respect the rights of others). During our residential camps, we help to raise awareness among our Evolutioneers of different types of bullying including cyberbullying. We also help children to understand how they can safely use mobile phones, email, internet and other technology-based forms of communication and exchange.

How we inform our staff

All Camp Evolution staff and volunteers receive anti-bullying training, enabling them to pick up on any signs or symptoms of bullying. In addition. we focus on raising staff and volunteer awareness of the relationship between bullying and child protection issues. Our staff and volunteers will adhere to our policies and procedures for dealing with any individual cases of bullying.

Our commitment and awareness activities

We take our responsibility to recognise and deal with any cases of bullying very seriously.  We are committed to acting in a supportive and sympathetic manner. An important long-term measure of protection against bullying is self confidence and building children's self-confidence, is one of our core sessions.

Camp Evolution Ltd Anti-Bullying Certificate 2017

Follow the #standuptobullying hashtag or visit the websites such as Anti-Bullying Alliance or Anti-Bullying Pro where you will find a range of free resources.