Our activities

Our residential camps focus on personal development and strengthening children’s soft skills.

Soft skills are human skills; how we manage relationships with others, how we approach life, how we prepare, read and respond to situations, in a way that brings the best outcomes for everyone. Soft skills include our behavioural and communication styles, like tone of voice or gestures we use.

Establishing robust soft skills early on paves the way for children as they navigate towards becoming adults. Having good soft skills, increased self-confidence and being at ease in social, academic and professional situations not only boosts children’s potential to achieve their dreams but also contributes to their overall wellbeing.

Activities are the cornerstone of our residential camps.  Children gain so much from participating in interesting activites. Changing environment and being part of a cohesive group fosters collaboration, independence and greater learning engagement among children. We foster a safe and supportive environment where children can be themselves and feel at home which contributes to building a truly positive experience. 

Team & Individual Challenges
Supporting children in learning leadership and collaboration, self-discipline, working independently and collaboratively and learning to listen.

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Financial awareness
Forming a healthy relationship with money starts early in life.  Good money habits promote financial wellbeing which is vital to overll emotional wellbeing.

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Creating a vision
Enabling children to explore how they see their future and providing them with the tools to become the key to their own success.

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Critical thinking
Coaching children in how to gather facts, make independent judgments and a genuine ability to make the right choices.

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Social skills
Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication and adapting behaviour to engage with others more positively.

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Educational & cultural trips
Opening children's minds and increasing their curiosity and awareness of the world in which we live.

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