Camp Evolution UK Residential Camp Cheshire

We are Camp Evolution and we run residential camps and workshops for 9-14-year-olds. We support children in growing and evolving by engaging and empowering them, taking their skills to the next level, ready for the future. 

Camp Evolution core activities

Our residential camp and workshop activities focus on personal development and on strengthening the skills children need to succeed in life with plenty of fun and games too.

We help children to build their self-confidence and strengthen ther communication techniques. Our critical thinking and problem-solving activities help children to develop their fundamental thinking skills. We introduce the basics of leadership and explore the importance of collaboration, whatever the situation.  We help children to understand the dynamics of interacting with others greatly improving their interpersonal skills.

Talk to us

To find out more about our activities please contact our team and we will be more than happy to chat with you or visit our facebook page and find out about what we have been doing. Our forthcoming activities can be found here.