We founded Camp Evolution with one thing in mind, helping children progress during school holidays. We are all about creating experiences which support children in developing the skills they need for a brighter future.

What we do

Our residential camps and workshops focus on crucial pre-and early teen developmental areas. We equip children with a rounded understanding of themselves and others, as they start to make choices about their future. Join our VIP Community to receive our special offers and discounted prices.

Summer Camps Soft Skills Camp Evolution

Strengthening Soft Skills

We help children to build the soft skills they need to succeed in life. From effective communication through to critical thinking and informed decision making, children learn the valuable techniques successful people demonstrate time and time again.

Find out more about why soft skills matter now more than ever.

Summer Camps Self Confidence Camp Evolution

Boosting Self-Confidence

Our personal development activities help children to build their self-confidence, fuelling their motivation to succeed in life. We help children to identify and appreciate their strengths, while working with them to pinpoint and overcome any weaknesses, so they can become confident young adults. Take a look at some of our activities where children go beyond their comfort zones. Surpassing what children believe they can do gives them a real sense of achievement.

About Camp Evolution

Great Atmosphere

The most important thing is that everyone has fun, shares their talents, learns lots, makes new friends and leaves camp feeling on top of the world, which is why we keep our camps small, fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere.



Reservations will open shortly for our summer camps, and we are offering some great early bird deals. We believe that children learn and retain so much more by participating actively in learning sessions. We choose to keep our residential camps small. It is important to us that children are comfortable from day one and feel a genuine part of a cohesive group.

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