We are dedicated to building and strengthening
the soft skills that are fundamental to
teen success now and in later life


Fun and exciting residential camps for 9-14-year-olds!  Camp Evolution offers a fabulous range of activities, trips & fun; all focused on personal development.  A great experience set in idyllic venues. PDFPRINT


We founded Camp evolution with one thing in mind, helping today’s young teens become tomorrow’s winners.


At Camp Evolution, we are all about giving children a mix of education, fun, and self-boosting activities. There’s so much to learn and make relatable to everyday life and the future.With so much to do at all our venues, you’ll be spoilt for choice. PDFPRINT

Navigating through secondary school
with confidence

We help to prepare pre and early teens for a brighter future through our broad range of personal development activities and workshops, designed in perfect alignment with maturity levels.

We focus on building and strengthening the soft skills that not only improve employability prospects later in life but also help children navigate through their secondary school years with confidence.

Possessing well developed soft skills provides a real advantage to achieving success now and in later life.

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Camp Evolutioneer Cheshire
My favourite activity was the money challenge. We had to shop as a team with a budget of £5. No one wanted the same stuff to eat #groan but our small budget made us decide more quickly. We learned to look for the special offers and that it's cheaper not to get the nice looking veg in packets.
Camp Evolutioneer Essex
At camp I was in the catering team.   I didn't like getting up earlier than the others but it felt good to be in charge of the breakfast table setting and it was cool to start the day in charge.
Camp Evolutioneer Barnet
The finance afternoon was awesome. I didn't know that it cost so much to live with all the bills at home. I want to ask for a bank card so I am more independent (like buying my own bus pass) as long as mum puts money on the account!. I think I will try to earn my own money doing what I like - I could wash dad's car for £2
Camp Evolutioneer Cheshire
Today, we learned about positivity and how good it's to tell yourself the things that you can do. It's called affirmation and we chose our own affirmation and then we created a bug picture of it to take home. Mine was "I am following my dreams" so I can be a business man.

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